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General Job Description

The Master Scheduler provides planning administration including scheduling, performance monitoring, analysis, reporting, personnel planning, resource management and capacity planning. They are responsible for overseeing the Planning Department, ensuring all orders are delivered on time. He or she partners with the Production Planner to ensure maximum efficiency and meet customer deadlines. They monitor the status of art approvals, inventory availability and capacity to identify bottlenecks, partner to develop solutions, and communicate with stakeholders on relevant issues.


He or she partners with the art, production, receiving, and purchasing departments to ensure all in-house orders are scheduled and produced by the required due date. They track the efficiency of the scheduling and planning function, understands the flow of orders throughout the order process, including Sales, the Art Department, Purchasing, Receiving, and each Production, using this knowledge to understand the capacities and challenges, and developing strategies and solutions to meet or exceed customer expectations. He or she will act as a facilitator, finding solutions to challenges, and maintaining focus on delivering quality product, on-time, efficiently.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Train the Production Planner to ensure competency, organizational alignment, and continuous improvement.

  • Assign and delegate planning responsibilities to balance department workload.

  • Manage team member schedules and time off to ensure company objectives are met.

  • Cross-train extra-department personnel to address staffing issues during vacations, etc.

  • Create and conduct employee performance reviews and development plans, making compensation recommendations as warranted.

  • Establish metrics to monitor the performance of the department. Review individual and department metrics with team members and supervisor on a weekly basis.

  • Conduct weekly scheduling and capacity reviews with production and logistics teams to maintain alignment and identify scheduling opportunities.

  • Partner with the ERP team to ensure work center and production data is properly maintained. Identifies efficiencies and requirements to improve the scheduling process.

  • Schedule or update jobs daily, assigning work centers based on capabilities, capacities, and deadlines. This includes art jobs, manufacturing jobs, and pack out jobs.

  • Coordinate with the art department to proactively identify bottlenecks and strategize to develop solutions for meeting goals.

  • Monitor the status of inventory levels and product availability. Communicate with sales, production, logistics, and purchasing on any inventory issues that impact on-time delivery.

  • Communicate schedule changes to adapt to production issues and customer demands.

  • Understand external support capabilities to leverage vendors to meet customer deadlines.

  • Create and maintain process documentation (SOPs) and partner with the training department to ensure all training modules are current and all employees are properly certified in all required areas.

  • Collaborate with production teams to recommend overtime as needed.

  • Other administrative duties as assigned.

Qualifications for the Job:

  • Education:

    • Bachelor’s degree (NOTE: A comparable combination of education/experience and/or training will be considered equivalent to the education listed.)

  • Experience:

    • 4 years in manufacturing production planning

    • 1-3 years sales/customer service experience or 1-3 years in a manufacturing/production role

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Competencies:

  • Strong analytical skills and positive attitude.

  • Growth mindset. Always looking to learn new things and ask questions.

  • Leadership ability. Capable of influencing others to achieve objectives.

  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate and negotiate effectively.

  • Continuous improvement mentality. Constantly seeking to learn and grow.

  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, changing, deadline-driven environment

  • Solutions oriented: Ability to look for creative ways to accomplish objectives.

  • Excellent organizational skills, detail-oriented, exceptional time-management skills.

  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize based on rapidly changing business needs.

  • Ability to work effectively as part of a team.

  • Excellent software skills.

  • Ability to analyze data to spot trends and identify opportunities.

  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both verbally and in writing.

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