TeamWorld is looking for a Special Projects Developer to be a catalyzer for new ideas and products.

About the Job

The Special Projects Developer will be part of our development team, with two primary goals. The first goal is focused on prototypes and fast development. We want to test new ideas without impacting the current pipeline of projects and new features. You will be a catalyzer to test ideas before we transform them into new products.

Because we have a great relationship with our clients, and we are constantly developing solutions for their operations, we need to be responsive to clients’ challenges. You will be challenged with new ideas that expand outside the normal scope of our business. This position will enable us to keep testing without impacting our long-term roadmap.

The second goal is continuous improvement. Like any company, we have backlogs of projects that we would love to tackle, so when you’re not creating a prototype for a new product, you will be working to develop applications to solve problems at our operation.

This position requires a lot of flexibility. The position requires the ability to shift between different projects and prototypes. If you’re not the kind of person who enjoys change and variety, please consider other open positions on our website that may be a better fit. If you like to learn new technology, work on short-term projects, and don’t mind occasionally stopping in the middle of one project, this position is an excellent fit for you.

About You

We’re looking for a developer with experience creating applications from scratch and managing small projects from start to finish. Experience in coding is essential. We use Python, Go, and PHP. However, if you’re more familiar with another language and have the ability to learn a new language, you’ll be a good fit. This position requires working with multiple languages, technologies, and partners.

You must be comfortable with different tools for fast developing. Experience in solutions like REST, API, Webservices, as well as authentication solutions like SAML, are very beneficial. You don’t have to be an expert in this technology, but you need to know enough to deliver prototypes.

This position is 100% remote. We are looking for a disciplined individual committed to engaging in day-to-day business activities without a physical presence in the office.

About Our Pay and Benefits

We pay competitive salaries based on New York State wages for similar roles and experience. We also offer 401K retirement benefits after six months, and continuous educational tuition reimbursement. We believe continuous learning and education are fundamental for individual long-term success as well as the company’s success.

We believe in a balance between work and life. People should not feel trapped in endless overtime tasks. We’re all about reasonable working hours, ample vacation time, and work safety. We retained our entire staff throughout the pandemic, even when we had to close our factory for two months. At TeamWorld, employees are our most valued asset.

If you want to join Mike, Kali, Andre, Barb, Tom, Wyatt, and Joe to help TeamWorld deliver outstanding products to our customers, please apply!

How to Apply

We would like to receive your resume, but we would love to read a little bit about you, so why don’t you send us a cover letter?


  • In addition, we would appreciate it if you could let us know the answers to some of the questions below.

  • Why do you want to join us?

  • What are the essential things for you in the work environment?

  • How will TeamWorld match with your long-term plans?

  • What were the previous experiences that would help you in this position?


As we stated, this is a 100% remote opportunity, but we need people who can work in sync with Eastern time zone for communication and collaboration. Our work hours are from 8 am until 5 pm (ET) Monday – Friday.