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Awards & Plaques

Our selection of custom plaques and personalized awards are perfect for everything from small office celebrations to large-scale corporate events.


Service Awards

Service awards are one of the most common types of custom awards and are often used by employers to recognize employees for their years dedication and hard-work to the company.

From simple number blocks to highly customizable perpetual options, a good-looking and high-quality service award can go a long way in thanking employees for their service to the organization.

years of service award.png

100% Customizable

From the shape to the material, your award will be 100% custom to what you need. We guarantee that the award crafted for you will not be made from a cookie-cutter, out-of-the-box template. It will be expertly designed to showcase your brand and will be unique to you and your needs.

Whether you have an idea of the look you want, or want us to come up with some creative options, we've got you covered!


chickfila award.png
xbox award.png

Swirled aluminum accents can be used effectively to compliment a number of different aesthetic ideals. This is also mounted on black acrylic for thickness and structural integrity.

Threaded Aluminum Cap nuts hold the Award components together using screws inserted through the piece at final construction. There are also spacers for added depth.

Clear acrylic with a full color print on the under surface of the part creates a dimensional look.

Tiered base of black acrylic adds to the prominence of the award and varying award sizes


Anatomy of an Award

While the award created for you will be completely custom to your needs and your brand, we wanted to showcase some of the features and expert level detail that is capable with your custom award.

Personalization options, in this example, is a sublimated plate mounted to the base. In other situations, personalization can be achieved via either laser engraving or full color printing.

Non-slip rubber feet are also added to the base.

Fill out the form below to let us know what you're looking for and a TeamWorld representative will contact you about your request!

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