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Custom Embroidery

Create a unique garment with custom embroidery, giving your branded apparel a touch of elegance and style.

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The first step in your embroidery journey is digitizing your logo! Digitizing puts the image in a format that our embroidery machines can understand. The color of each stitch and the order in which they will be made is all mapped out in accordance with the specs of the machine.


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In preparation for the production run, your garment is hand-hooped by our expert embroidery team; ensuring your artwork will be stitched in the exact spot it needs to be! Hooping stretches and flattens the material, ensuring a high-quality stitch resulting in a high-quality embroidery.



We use a variety of different machines based on the type of garment and colors within the logo to create the finished piece. Our machines can use up to 16 individual thread colors in a single design.

Production Run


As pieces finish up, the item is quality checked and cleaned up by hand by our seasoned embroidery team before it's hand-folded and individually plastic wrapped! Your items are then packaged up and ready to ship!

Finishing & Packaging

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