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Pad Printing

Pad printing is one of the most unique forms of custom decoration, meeting the consumer demand for printing on irregular shaped objects and textured surfaces.

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Unique Printing Process

Since many of the objects that require pad printing are unique in their texture and/or shape, pad printing itself is a very unique decorating method.

It starts by etching your logo into a plate that is then flooded with ink and wiped away, leaving the perfect amount of ink for your imprint.

A soft, flexible pad then picks up the ink from the etched plate and transfers it to your product. The flexibility and softness of the pad ensure a perfect print no matter the texture or shape of the item!

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What's left is an imprint that is guaranteed to last just as long (if not longer) than traditional decorating methods you may be used to.


Whether we're decorating professional tools used every day, or pens to be used in a reception area, rest assured your branding will always be seen!

Wide Variety of Products

Pad printed objects are a lot more common than an average person may think. That golf ball with your company's logo you just hit into the water or the dentist's name on the free toothbrush you got at your last appointment? There's a good chance both of those items were pad-printed!

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