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Screen Printing

A core competency of TeamWorld, screen-printing is one of the most popular decorating methods within the promotional products industry.

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Designed Just For You

There are many factors to consider when beginning a custom imprint program for screen printed items.

For every new program, we bring in samples of the products and run a number of tests to determine the following:


The type of mesh to be used when created the screens for your print.

Depending on the detail and colors of your design, determining the correct mesh size is crucial in allowing the right amount of ink is being printed onto the item, ensuring the print quality is top-notch.


The best ink to use on the material of the item being printed.

Different materials will require different levels and types of ink to ensure a long-lasting result.


The amount of time and temperature needed to dry the ink without or burning or damaging the fabric.

Curing times differ from items and inks, so it's important to test the proper drying times and temperatures of both, so the item and ink come out looking their best!


What imprint areas we can make available along with the minimum and maximum size of each.

Different brands and sizes of shirts have imprint areas that may vary from one piece to the next, this process allows us to ensure each piece is properly displaying the artwork you need!





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When your artwork is finalized, it's sent to our state-of-the-art screen creating machine where a LED light etches your design into a mesh screen.

Creating The Screen

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Depending on the quantity of prints needed and the number of colors in the print design, we utilize both our manual and semi-automatic screen-printing machines to run your items through production.

Production Run

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After the ink is applied, your items are sent through a dryer that is set at a specific temperature & speed based on a number of factors. Things like the garment make-up and the ink type will determine how long your item takes to dry. We've got this process down to a science, so you can rest assured your designs will last long after they leave our facility!


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Hot off the press! As your items come off the dryer, they are met by hand and neatly folded to your special instructions. Customers have a variety of requests with their screen-printed items, including individual plastic wrapping, adding them to special pack-out, or simply putting them in a box to be sent out to you! 

Folding & Packaging

Fill out the form below to let us know what you're looking for and a TeamWorld representative will contact you about your request!

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